The Debate!
For centuries, man has waged war upon other men for a variety of meaningful reasons. Sometimes, it was over land, water, crops or other resources. Sometimes, it was just armies fighting armies to keep scores of populations employed. At times, ego-maniacal leaders would start massive world wars for nothing more than their own personal amusement. The latest war, and perhaps the least deadly of all wars, is the great debate between protein forms. Which style of powdered protein – casein or whey protein – is superior? Let the battle begin!

You might not have heard of this style of protein before. It’s not as well known as whey. However, among elite bodybuilders, powerlifters, and fitness or figure types, casein protein is very popular and used on a daily basis. Comprised partially of milk derivatives, casein protein is a slow digesting protein which gives the human body a steady stream of amino acid releases for up to 8 hours at a time. Whereas most forms of protein are quickly digested in 1 to 4 hours, casein keeps right on releasing protein into the bloodstream for up to an entire hour of sleep! Casein protein isn’t cheap. It’s less common and more costly. Additionally, some users have reported uncomfortable stomach ailments seen when using casein. Higher fat, slower digestion and milk content make it not the best choice for some lifters. But is it right for you?

Everyone has heard of whey protein. You can pick it up at any grocery store for dirt cheap. Online, you can mix your own and save money, choose your own flavor, etc. Whey is very popular for use throughout the day. Toss a few scoops into a shaker cup, add 2 cups of water, and voila, you have an instant rush of 45 grams of protein in less than 45 seconds of drinking! What can beat that? Many lifters use it following workouts. It has minimal fat and is digested very quickly – in less than an hour. Whey protein is more common, contains lesser ingredients, and is very often much cheaper than its casein counterpart.

The Verdict?
Both sources of protein rock. They’ll both give you the amino acids needed to build up a serious physique. Either source of protein is adequate for helping you to reach your bodybuilding goals. However, they can be used in conjunction to deliver some of the best bodybuilding results you have ever seen! Use whey protein during the day when your goal is fast absorption of proteins and amino acids following workouts or a demanding work day. Then, use casein at night to deliver a steady stream of protein as you sleep. Together, they can help you reach your goals faster than either could alone. The time for peace is upon us! No longer will nations be forced to wage war over such silly things. Perhaps the settling of the Casein vs. Whey debate can deliver a worldwide example of peace for all to follow!