1. Power Packed Meal

By power packed I mean exactly that. Foods that will provide your body with energy, boost your immune system, and provide the requirements for building muscle tissues. In other words eat protein, carbohydrates and fat.

  1. Supplement Your Diet

Not all your nutritional needs can be met by your meals no matter how much you try. You can use protein supplements and also mineral and vitamin supplements. Fish oil capsule are a must for any body builder because they do wonders to your health.

  1. Eat Frequently

Break down your meals into smaller portions and eat after every say 3 hours. You can even set a reminder that will go off after every 3 hours to remind you to eat. Doing this not only meets the nutritional needs of your body but it also boosts your metabolism. Translation; more calories are burnt and less fat is stored in the body.

  1. Drink Water

the fact that 70% of the human body is composed of water should be a hint of just how essential water is to our bodies. Especially for body builders, the traditional 8 glasses a day just doesn’t cut it. That is the amount required by every Tom, Dick and Jane. Working out means that there are more body processes going on. Most aim at providing the body with energy. As we know, waste is a bi product of the chemical and biological reactions in the body. Water flushes them out of your system leaving your body functioning optimally. Dehydration will make you feel dizzy after a short exercise session hence eventually ruins your workouts.

  1. Workout Your Abs

A six pack is simply well built abdominal muscles. You need to do more exercises that focus on building these particular abdominal muscles. Sit ups are a good example of abdominal exercises but there are other resistance training exercises that are far much better. A good example is the weighted leg raises. There are still more of them and what you are required to do is come up with a program that balances them out.

  1. Work Out The Rest Of The Body

It’s very hard for you to gain a six pack if the rest of your body is in bad shape. Work out the whole body so that when you do exercises that now focus on your abs your arms, back and shoulder muscles among others, will be in a position to support your abdominal training.

  1. Weight Loss

You need to loose body fat around your abdominal region for your abs to be visible. Of cause we know that selective weight loss is a myth. For you to loose to burn the fat that’s preventing your abs from being visible, then you need to burn the fat on your hips, thighs, ass and tummy. In short, loose weight. This is done by reducing your calorie intake and working out.

  1. Patience

Be patient with yourself and if you do the above correctly, you will without a doubt develop ripped abs.